Engineering Technician

Company Name:
Amarr Garage Doors
Requisition Number: 565
Job Title: Engineering Technician
Department: Engineering
Shift: First
State/Province: Kansas
City: Lawrence
Position Type: Full Time
Job Description: Job Summary: Reads and analyzes CAD drawings or sketches with the purpose of machining, fabricating and assembling custom built machinery. Assist Engineering in the fabrication, assembly and debugging of equipment. Must be proficient in all types of machine work using Mills, lathes, surface grinders, drills cut off saws and be able to manufacture precision parts. Must be experienced in structural steel fabrication utilizing MIG and TIG welding techniques.
1 : Reads and checks mechanical drawings in order to fit and assemble parts into working assemblies.
2 : Prototypes parts of machines to test feasibility of new manufacturing processes.
3 : Makes changes or additions to machine parts and assemblies as a development process in new machine design.
4 : Supplements production line construction to assure that machine operators can work efficiently and safely; designs and builds equipment safety guards.
5 : Machines and assembles workstations with proper fixtures, guides, rollers, stops and auxiliary equipment.
6 : Assembles pneumatics systems: proper valve selection, air cylinder flow controls, regulators, quick exhausts.
7 : Installs proximity switches and photo switches: proper switch selection and location to suit the related process.
8 : Installs and field wires motion control equipment: servomotors, resolvers, encoders, control cables, drives, counters, and timers.
9 : Installs conveyors and custom transfer equipment: sprocket and gear drives, belting, couplings, clutches, gearboxes, pulleys, three phase motors.
10 : Installs air supplies: piping, lubricators, regulators, manifolds, valves.
11 : Assumes other duties as assigned by supervisor.
12 : Limited travel may be required.
1 : Reads mechanical drawings and builds parts to specifications.
2 : Performs milling, turning and welding operations.
3 : Assembles and adjusts mechanisms in line production equipment in a sheet metal manufacturing process.
1 : Ability to work down at floor level and under conveyors and machines.
2 : Ability to operate machine shop equipment.
3 : Ability to operate lift trucks and scissor man-lifts.
1 : Minimum of five years recent experience as an engineering technician in an industrial environment.
2 : Must have good understanding of sheet metal forming processes and line production principles.
3 : Must be able to construct repetitive operating mechanisms to assure long-term reliability and wear resistance.
4 : Must understand nature of ladder logic control and servo motion control.
5 : Must understand pneumatics and hydraulics as it relates to pressure, force, and flow.
6 : Must be able to manufacture parts to print specifications.
7 : Must be able to assemble with neatness, precision, and safety.

Don't Be Fooled

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