Manufacturing Assistant Supervisor

Company Name:
Amarr Garage Doors
Requisition Number: 689
Job Title: Manufacturing Assistant Supervisor
Department: Commercial Process Supervisor
Shift: First
State/Province: Kansas
City: Lawrence
Position Type: Full Time
Job Description:
JOB SUMMARY:Directs, trains, and certifies workforce. Assists Supervisor in coordinating and leading all manufacturing operations. Assists Supervisor in maintaining Team Member and production schedules. All of this must be done within the prescribed policies and procedures of the company.
1 : Coordinates with Supervisor in assigning work to meet on time production and quality goals.
2 : Controls the workflow within the area of responsibility to meet efficiency targets, minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Ensures run order for line.
3 : Monitors team member performance and manages routine processes.
4 : Requires the ability to train people and serve as a coach to Team Members. Perform On-the-job training and line and production orientation for new hires.
5 : Must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, have the ability to articulate ideas, give feedback, resolve conflicts, and point out areas where improvement is needed, as well as the ability to develop a positive relationship with employees in order to develop credibility. Must be results-oriented and have the ability to motivate others.
6 : Performs required hourly quality checks and audits team member's performance for quality assurance.
7 : Collaborates with Engineering, Maintenance, and Manufacturing personnel to provide information on matters relative to the design and utilization of tools, production methods, applications, etc.
8 : Records accurate data on production, labor, team members, and scrap on a timely basis. Follows up with team members on accurate production reporting. Completes shift paper work.
9 : Ensures accuracy of inventory and inventory management.
10 : Conducts employee performance evaluations.
11 : Maintains conformance with rules and regulations, and administering approved disciplinary action when necessary.
12 : Ensures safety best practices are followed by Team Members at all times.
13 : Maintains security of buildings, grounds, equipment, materials, and personnel.
14 : Assumes other duties as assigned.
1 : Area of responsibility: Hands-on Line supervision.
2 : Facilitates on-the-job training for all new and existing team members for job certifications and performance evaluations.
3 : Ensures the quality and accuracy of products and timely completion of schedules.
4 : Maintains an efficient workforce in accordance with job requirements, work levels and schedules, manpower requirements and training programs.
5 : Ensures the appropriate use of safety devices and equipment, general housekeeping, and maintains a constant vigilance for hazardous conditions and practices. Ensures a clean and safe work area.
6 : Conducts weekly team meetings.
1 : Extended time on feet.
2 : Manual dexterity and hand to eye coordination with hand/power tools.
3 : Frequent stooping, bending, walking, carrying and lifting (up to 50 pounds).
1 : Must be capable of communicating effectively, both orally and in writing. 2 : Possess efficient and productive organizational, time management and analytical skills.
3 : Possess mechanical competence and knowledge and use of safety conscious practices.
4 : Knowledge and experience in manufacturing and inventory management.

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