Company Name:
Amarr Garage Doors
Requisition Number: 823
Job Title: Shipper
Department: Shipping
Shift: First
State/Province: Kansas
City: Lawrence
Position Type: Full Time
Job Description:
Job Summary: Reviews, edits, and inputsshipping information. Facilitates the flow of paperwork and recordkeeping in Shipping.
1 : Tracks and inputs a variety of information such as Shipping Productivity by Lead Loader, Stager, and Driver by shift, as well as quality issues reported. These are reported both daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
2 : Coordinates daily tasks with Shipping Coordinator.
3 : Distributes and accounts for Lead Loader tools and materials at beginning and end of shift.
4 : Takes pictures and places truck paperwork in finished trucks.
5 : Updates load log at direction of Shipping Leadership.
6 : Files load layouts upon completion of trucks.
7 : Prepares and distributes Staging Paperwork at the direction of Shipping Leadership.
8 : Generates Open Line report and validates Shipping Table in Navigator by truck and stops on the truck.
9 : Identifies and investigates material for Return to Stock. (Lanes and Staging areas)
10 : Complete cross training to act as backup for Shipping Coordinator.
11 : Assumes other duties as assigned by supervisor.
1 : Prepares and distributes Staging Paperwork.
2 : Generates Open Line Report and validates Shipping Table in Navigator for stops and trucks.
3 : Records tiers loaded by loading crew as well as tiers completed by stagers in excel on Share Point location.
1 : Light office duties and activities.
2 : Standing/Walking: Job requires standing throughout the entire shift. Short distance walking of 5-15 feet on a periodic basis during the shift, depending upon the position assigned.
3 : Lifting/ Carrying: Job requires lifting and stacking of banded door panels to various levels. Maximum required individual lifting limit is forty-five (45 pounds). Must be able safely work with another team member to carry or lift door panels in excess of forty-five pounds. Frequency of lifting and carrying is job task dependent.
4 : Pushing and Pulling: Pushing of carts is often required. Occasional pulling to steer the cart is required A force of 50lbs is required to move a loaded cart. Pushing forces required in excess of 50 lbs requires two persons.
1 : Must have basic computer skills including knowledge of MS office products.
2 : Must be attentive to detail and accuracy.
3 : Able to handle multiple tasks.
4 : Basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills required.
5 : Duties required professional verbal and written communications skills.
6 : Must be able to work well independently, under pressure, and in a fast paced environment.
7 : Oracle / Enterprise One / JD Edwards experience a plus.

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