Assets and Workers Comp. Coordinator

Company Name:
Bear Communications
Position Type:
Assets / Workers Comp Coordinator
Bear Communications LLC - Lawrence, KS
Bear Communications is committed to the pursuit of growth and use of innovative technologies to improve our company and increase our service offerings. We envision a future where our company is the number one communications
provider in the region.
This Assets / Workers Comp Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and supporting the management of assets for Bear Communications. This includes organizing and scheduling property inspections, preparing inspection files and collecting related data. Prepares reports and give presentations on asset usage, financial performance, operations and maintenance ensuring databases recording property assets are up to date and accurate. Additionally, this positon assists in managing leasing and development of the company's fleet of vehicles.
Workers Comp Responsibilities: Responsible for investigating injuries, determining compensability contacting claimants and supervisors, sets up claims, corresponds with medical providers, analyzes and interprets medical reports; calculate and issues payments, prepares correspondence and reports; and participates with Human Resources in return to work planning.
Job Duties:
Manages a portfolio of assets including fleet vehicles, trailers, large machinery, trade tools and miscellaneous company property identifying the best uses of

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