Fashion Expert

Company Name:
Koch Davis
The Fashion Expert position provides a customized shopping experience for all our customers by providing trend, fashion and fit advice to meet their merchandise and lifestyle needs. Assisting customers to seek out whatever they needs and make their experience GREAT. Listen, help, educate and make them want to come back! Offer trend advice; find out exactly what customers need and educate them on what in style and influence their look or space. Provide apparel or home decor recommendations. Spending times with a customer walking the shops and finding merchandise for them to try on or consider to positively affecting their lives! Focus on visual merchandising Candidate needs creative eye and when merchandise start flying out the door and the mannequins are wearing items that no longer exist. Knowledge about how put together a new outfits that supports company directives and is trend right to engage our customers! Support a learning environment; enjoy sharing knowledge of trend and store merchandise with teammates so that they can better assist customers every day.
This position mainly required people management skills. Candidate must have ability to engaging and have no problem striking up a conversation with complete strangers. Working in a team environment, help teammates and others. Influence customer; not as a pushy sales person, but with conversation make someone to think differently. Creative thinking of new things all the time and seem to have a never-ending list of what to tweak to make them better. Passion for trend; plugged in to all of the latest styles and trends of the industry and are always hungry to learn more.
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This is one of the largest chain of department stores, apparel and home furnishing retailers, is dedicated to fitting the diversity of America with unparalleled style, quality and value.

Don't Be Fooled

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