Associate General Manager - Lawrence

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As Associate General Manager of OrderUp in Lawrence, you will have responsibility for quickly growing the OrderUp business. Your primary goal will be to grow the number of daily orders for your market. As an experienced, strong business leader, you will be required to establish and drive the success of your territory: restaurateurs and consumers. You will have direct responsibility for signing and on-boarding restaurants on to the OrderUp platform. You will work with a Community Manager, who will be responsible for local marketing opportunities to initiate and grow customer interaction and an Operations Manager who will be responsible for managing the driver and delivery operations. If you're up for the challenge of significantly changing the way food is ordered and delivered, we want to hear from you!
Meet with local delivery, takeout, and fast food merchants, and sell them on working with OrderUp.
Initiate creative consumer marketing strategies and user acquisition/retention campaigns.
Ensure the OrderUp brand is represented at local events and manage local public relations.
Be proactive with developing and sharing best practices with other GM's and market owners.
Take ownership and responsibility for order growth, revenue growth, and profitability.
4+ years of marketing or sales management experience.
Ability to lead local

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