We are looking for a part time bookkeeper to join our team in a brand new Assisted Living community! This position will be 15 hours per week.We will be hiring in time to start our team members on December 19th. Must be available for orientation 8am-5pm December 19 -23 and Dec 27- 30 to prepare for opening day on January 4, 2017.
Job Summary:
Keeps records of financial transactions for nursing facility, using calculator and computer. Verifies, allocates and posts details of business transactions to subsidiary accounts in journals or computer files from documents such as sales slips, invoices, receipts, check stubs and computer printouts. Summarizes details in ledgers or computer files and transfers data to general ledger, using calculator or computer. Reconciles and balances accounts. May compile reports to show statistics, such as cash receipts and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss and other items pertinent to operation of facility business. May calculate employee wages from records or time cards and prepare information for payroll. May compute, type and mail monthly statements to customers. May be designated according to kind of records of financial transactions kept, such as Accounts-Receivable Bookkeeper and Accounts-Payable Bookkeeper.
Under supervision of facility administrator or office manager
Critical Functions:
Full or part time as needed by facility. Bookkeeper to assure smooth and efficient operations within the facility business office. Ability to handle secretarial / bookkeeping tasks of some complexity and variety in an independent and responsible manner. Ability to work accurately and efficiently with attention to detail while following established protocol. Ability to utilize computer and learn required software as designated by company protocol. Must have communication skills to interact with residents, resident family members and staff in a professional manner.
Training and Experience:
Minimal 18 years of age with high school diploma or GED
Basic knowledge of secretarial and bookkeeping skills with computer skills
Detail oriented and ability to maintain accurate financial records
Ability to maintain confidentiality related to facility and residents financial information.
Key Competencies:
Ability to communicate financial information to supervisor and demonstrate professional behavior while adhering to HIPPA regulations regarding confidentiality.
Perform clerical and bookkeeping duties with an eye for detail and accuracy.
Maintain accurate facility records; communicate through reports or verbal dialogue to supervisor areas of concern.
Utilize office machines including calculator, postage meters, computer and software programs.
Display professional and appropriate appearance and behavior at all times
Working Conditions:
Indoor with adequate lighting and ventilation, carpet, tile, concrete floors.
Relationship to other jobs:
This position entails working in an office setting while a variety of activities occur in immediate surroundings. Required to display professional manner and offer support to facility staff.
Physical Demands:(In an 8 hour day: N=Never 0%, O= Occasional 1-33%, F=Frequent 34-66%, C=constant 67-100%)
Full or part time as designated by facility administrator. Primary shift is days but may be required to work other shifts if discussed by administrator. Normally day shift and Monday thru Friday.
OSHA Exposure:
Category III. No exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Please note if a resident or visitor is involved in an injury or an incident where blood is present, do not provide assistance but contact nursing department to administer care. PPE is not required. Vaccines are not required as part of hire.
Safety Equipment:
Do not make any effort to assist residents in ambulating or post injury. Contact nursing staff. Wear slip resistant shoes when walking in facility to prevent slips and falls.
When working at computer utilize ergonomic keyboard, gel pads, mouse pad with wrist support. Review guidelines for setting up ergonomic work station and discuss with supervisor.
Essential Functions:
Valid driver's license and ability to meet company requirements related to transporting residents if this is part of your positions.
Pay bills: Collect invoices and statements to be paid. Make sure that all invoices match the statements. Write checks, code and return to the administrator for approval and signature and return to bookkeeping department. Split checks according to procedure and send out.
Keep check register up to date on Journal Packet. Including emailing the home office for money into this account. Check with your bank to make sure the deposit has been received before you send out the payments.
Keep all filing up to date. Keep all vendors files current.
Keep all resident business office files current with information specified on the front of resident chart
Keep all cash receipts posted on Point Click Care.
Keep Personal Care Billing current.
Answer the facility phone when administrator or director of nursing is not available.
Complete Payroll Performance report currently.
Make deposits into the bank account. Email home office completed information.
Any correspondence as requested by the administrator or the director of nursing.
Follow up on accounts receivable.
Knowledge of office procedures, computer skills, fax, copier and calculator.
Maintain a complete and systematic set of records of all facility financial conditions.
Complete employee files assuming responsibility for following proper procedure
Billing Medicaid or Medicare for resident care and personnel files.
Keep census up to date.
Standing: Essential, frequently, indoor surfaces, carpet, tile, concrete, office or resident records
Walking: Essential, frequently, within facility, carpet, tile, concrete, office or resident records.
Sitting: Essential, frequently, phone, secretarial and or bookkeeping duties
Change of position: Essential, frequently, sitting, standing, walking, bookkeeping duties
Reaching, extend, hand, arms: Essential, frequently, documentation, computer, bookkeeping tasks
Reach across midline: Essential, frequent, documentation, computer, bookkeeping tasks
Handling, hold, grasp, seize, and turn: Essential frequently, documentation, computer, secretarial
Fingering, pick up, pinch: Essential, frequently, documentation, computer, secretarial tasks
Feeling, perceive, attributes of object: Essential, frequently, documentation, computer, tasks
Crouching, squatting, bend legs and spine: Essential, frequently, sitting, supplies, tasks
Crawling: only in emergency situations or emergency drills
Balancing: Essential, frequently, documentation, computer, bookkeeping tasks
Kneeling: Essential, occasionally, obtaining and arranging supplies,
Stooping, bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, supplies, bookkeeping tasks
Jumping: Marginal, not normally required, may be in emergency
Review and follow ergonomic office plan
Static position: Essential, frequently, documentation, computer, bookkeeping tasks.
Left and right rotation: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, activities
Forward and side: bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, activities
Lift / lowering:
Essential, frequently, supplies, office equipment. Use carts or move items in small quantity to prevent injury. Do not assist residents. Call for nursing staff.
Carrying: Essential, frequently, documentation, supplies. Use cart or move items in small quantity
Pushing-pulling: Essential, frequently, documentation, bookkeeping tasks.
Stairs-ramp: Essential, occasionally, building access
Auditory: Essential, answer phone, conversation with others regarding billing statements etc.
Visual: Essential, reading documents, computer, bookkeeping duties
Verbal: Essential, explain procedures, converse with others regarding statements, bills, etc.
Proximity of moving parts: Essential, occasional, office machinery
Exposure to electrical energy: Essential, frequently, items which require electrical energy, Check equipment condition to prevent electrical shock. Any items needing repair should be reported
Exposure to toxic chemicals: Essential, occasionally: Office area cleaned by housekeeping. If any housekeeping is done use PPE as required.
Blood borne pathogen exposure: None. Do not assist residents or individuals who are bleeding. Call for nursing staff to assist.
Slippery, uneven surfaces: Occasionally, watch for wet floors when mopping has been done.
It is mandatory to follow safety policies and procedures including use carts when moving items. Rather than lift heavy objects, break down items to smaller quantity. Do not assist residents.
Mandatory reporting of all work related injuries within 24 hours to supervisor with participation in required documentation.
Participation in our drug testing procedures is a mandatory part of employment with this facility.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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